The Arrival Sheds A Little More Light On The Reload

Ok, now I know for sure that this is a Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale commercial, still don’t know on what though.  This commercial, dubbed “The Arrival”, starts with a jeep driving down an empty street.  It cuts to the woman from The Reload typing some strange language on a type-writer, who stops to step outside and signal the person in the jeep to come inside.  The references in this one, besides the Ape Escape one from the last trailer, include a white cat (which can be taken as Toro) and a sign that appears to be a man with a headband (which would likely be pointing towards Metal Gear Solid, or in this case, Raiden since he’s the playable character from that game).  Also, the mysterious language that the woman is typing in is actually the Lombax language from Ratchet and Clank, and translates to “Dear Copernicus, We have received your letter and regret to inform you captain…”, likely a letter to Captain Copernicus Quark to tell him his services will not be required..  The man who gets out of the jeep isn’t really seen except for a small glimpse in the jeep’s windshield right at the end, but it seems to be Nathan Drake.  So what we’ve got so far is this woman, who has been doing just random fuck all things behind a desk, while characters from All Stars Battle Royale enter this facility.  What could this all be leading to?

Another thing to note that was brought to my attention, is this woman who has been in both trailers is the same woman who was the receptionist in the famous Micheal trailer that first hinted at All-Stars.  So maybe I was wrong about this leading up to an Assassins Creed character announcement, but it’s certainly leading up to something, hopefully something big.


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