Sony Releases New Teaser Trailer For…Something

Sony posted a new, live action trailer today teasing…something.  The teaser shows a young, black woman cleaning or maintaining an SMG in a small room when suddenly the power goes out.  Shortly after the room is lit with blue, flickering lighting with electricity sounds in the background before the words “  10/23/12” appear on the screen.  At first glance, many speculated that this was a teaser for what could be inFamous 3, but is it possible that it is something less thrilling?

Upon closer inspection of the trailer, some people discovered that there are references to other games in the trailer.  The small sign on her desk as an unlit part that says “Saru” and a lit part that says “Get You”.  “Saru! Get You!” is the Japanese name that the Ape Escape series goes by.  It has also been claimed that there is a DMC reference in there, but I personally can’t spot it.  Combine those two with the obvious inFamous reference and we end up with a possible teaser for more Sony All Stars Battle Royale stuff, but to what end?  We already know that there will be no more characters added to the release roster, or so we’ve been told, so this could possibly be for DLC announcement characters (pretty bold move by you Sony, already announcing your DLC characters when your game hasn’t even been released, and hasn’t been getting stellar feed back).  With this train of thought, I personally would assume that this is announcing that the female assassin from the upcoming Vita version of Assassin’s Creed 3 will be a playable character through some means, solely based on the references to cement that it’s a PSASBR trailer, and the fact that it’s a black woman who is probably going to kill, or has killed, someone thus why she’s maintaining her weapon.  Would the addition of more characters really make this game wanted by more people, let alone a character who is obviously being put in for marketing and not an actual “PlayStation All-Star”?  Only time will tell, but we’ll only have to wait five days before we know the meaning behind this “cryptic” trailer.


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