Hands On Impressions of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale: Vita Version

As you may or may not know, some of the NUReviews cast had made their way to Comic Con this past weekend to see what the big deal was, and I was fortunate enough to join them.  While there I got to get my hands on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, well, the Vita version at least, so I’m going to give a brief bit of info about my impressions on the game.  The game plays similarly to smash in that you have attack buttons and move with the left stick, and if you hold the left stick in a certain direction while pressing an attack button, you do a different attack.  Unlike Smash Brothers there are three attack buttons, Square, Triangle and Circle, that act as Attack 1, Attack 2 and Attack 3 in that order.  It was not explained that you can do the control stick+button to use different attacks, so I stood there for a good minute trying to combo but couldn’t get past a single attack.  This might be caused by my own stupidity, but i had really thought that given the multiple attack buttons I would simply have to use those to perform different combos, but I digress and end that thought with “I’m an idiot.”  Secondly, there wasn’t really any feedback on using a special attack.  In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, when you use a final smash, you know you’re using a final smash, your opponents know you’re using a final smash, hell people on the other side of the planet know you’re using a final smash.  When I performed either level one or level two supers for my character in PSASBR, it just happened and that was the end of it, I didn’t even realized I had used the attack till I noticed my character stopped moving.  And that brings me to the most worrisome matter of the demo, is that it was just that, a demo, and what seemed to be a pretty early one at that.  The station at three set ups, the left and right set ups were the full versions of the game with all the release roster characters ready to battle.  The middle station was meant to show off the cross-play between the PS3 and the PSVita, however this version had a gimped roster and gimped level select, only about 10 playable characters and 3 or 4 stages.  Not only that, but the one I played was the “offline” model, meant simply to show how it plays on the vita, and I didn’t even get to select my character, I was forced into using Kratos.  This all paints wary signs for the game, especially the Vita version of it.  When you’ve got two set ups using the full version of the game, and the set ups using the vita version are using an extremely gimped version, it puts worry on just how far the Vita version is coming along, especially since both versions of the game release at the end of November.

On the subject of Super Sony Smash Bros, I mean, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony has announced today that there will be am open beta for the game starting tomorrow, October 16th.  Playstation Plus members will automatically be able to play on Tuesday on the PS3, non-PS+ members can start next week.  Also, there will also be a version available on Tuesday for all Vita owners, regardless of PS+ subscription status.  The versions will be cross-play enabled, and will feature six playable characters and two stages, take note, an even smaller build then the one I played on Sunday at Comic Con.  It worries me that both versions that I’ll have experience with that have cross-play enabled will be gimped versions from the full release, but seeing as the one starting tomorrow is a beta I guess I can let it slide under “everything is there, we just need to test it.”


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