Mechromancers And Pirates And Expansions Oh My!

So in case you’re a Borderlands 2 player that’s been living under a rock the past few days or are just knee deep in your 3rd character’s second playthrough, the Mechromancer DLC class went up for download earlier this week.  Gaige the Mechromancer was announced pre-release as the first DLC to hit the game, and those who pre-ordered were able to get her free via the premiere club. Gaige was scheduled to be release next week on October 16th, but was unexpectedly released a week earlier..  With her robot companion Deathtrap, Gaige brings fun game play whether you’re brand new to first person shooters or a seasoned veteran.  Something that was also announced pre-release was the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, which offered players 4 DLC expansions for the price of 3 and some change.  Well since they released the Mechromancer a little bit early, Gearbox decided to drop something else in it’s place, something along the lines of the first DLC expansion.

Captain Scarlet and Her Pirate’s Booty has players exploring the deserts of Pandora, possibly in search of some treasure or other forms of “booty.”  The DLC will also include a new “Sand Skiff” vehicle and will be available for download on October 16th.  Both the Mechromancer DLC (which includes the Premiere Club perks for those who missed out) and the expansion will cost $9.99, or you can pick up the Season Pass for $29.99 and get this expansion plus the next three that come down the pipeline.


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