Choose How You ‘Waka Waka’

Over the years, Pac-man got a lot of make overs. But now, you can help worsen his identity crisis. On the official Pac-man Facebook page, there is a survey you can take to help determine which of the four styles, pictured above, will be used in the next Pac-Man title.

Based on the question, I’m assuming that this game will most likely be a casual title, so expect to play this on your smartphones and tablets.

Also, if you are unfamilar with the style used in choice A, be prepared to see more of CG-man. Back at E3 ’12, Namco announced that a 3D Pac-man cartoon is in the works. Here’s a preview of the show.

My fingers are crossed for either choice B or D. I like D’s overall style the most, but B’s Pac-Man is my favorite.

You can take the survey here (Facebook account required):


One thought on “Choose How You ‘Waka Waka’”

  1. I’m with you on B or D. A might work if it was going to be on the 3DS or something. C isn’t, well creepy enough for something that wants to go to the netherworld.


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