Oh Boy! A New Challeng-Oh…Wait…

A new challenger arrives in the PSASBR ring, I can’t wait to find out which iconic Sony character I’ll be fighting it out with now! Wait…Cole McGrath? But isn’t he…oh, this is Evil Cole McGrath. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a Brawl-esque game without clones. I wonder how they’re going to incorporate his “evil” route attacks from inFamous 2….wait, it’s only some fire punches?….well…..it’s something. On the bright side, this just further confirms the rumored characters leaked a couple weeks back, now we just wait for the Sir Dan announcement.


UPDATE: After doing some research into what powers you receive from befriending Nix in inFamous 2 (it had been a while since I played), I now see that pretty much all his attacks incorporate it somehow.  My bad.


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