ZombiU Dev Diary Video Shows Off Survivor Horror Gameplay

Ubisoft today began their release of a video series, giving us an in depth look into their zombie FPS for the WiiU, ZombiU. We learn a bit more about the gameplay of the game, such the real time lock picking mechanic, which means that while you’re trying to break in a locked door, zombies will be able to attack you, which adds tension to the game. Another interesting aspect of the game is that when your character is killed in the game, he/she is killed off for good. When you ‘respawn’ you will take control of another character. When that happens, you have to track down your previous character’s zombie, who is carrying your survivor kit.

ZombiU will be released sometime in the WiiU’s launch window.


2 thoughts on “ZombiU Dev Diary Video Shows Off Survivor Horror Gameplay”

  1. This might be (for me anyway) the first exciting implementation of the WiiU controller I’ve seen. I think the success of the WiiU is entirely dependent on if developers can make it a compelling auxiliary device that really adds to the gameplay, not just a gimmicky mini map or something. Of course there will probably always be elements of that, but changing the main screen based on what’s on the controller screen . . . very smart, immersive, very cool!

    I’m not big on zombie games so I’m not particularly excited for this title, but I just like that it gave me some hope for the console overall.


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