Thoughts on The Expendables 2 (Spoiler-Free)

What’s great about movies is that you can indulge yourself into any emotion, whether it’s comedy, tragedy, horror, and so forth. But sometimes, you just need to watch things explode. The internet is helpful with that, especially this certain website. But if you want some of the greatest action stars to grace the big screen to accompany your explosions, look no further than The Expendables 2.

The film has a star studded cast that I’m even going to attempt to put down, since that alone could take up a whole article. But if you have seen any action movies from the 80’s all the way up to today, I’m willing to bet you would recognize some of the cast. Everyone, except for Tool (Mickey Rourke), returns for this testosterone fest. What’s great is that Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made cameos in the first film, have much more screen time, and boy, is it fantastic! Having Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger share the same frame together is already an amazing sight, but to see them gun down bad guys and kicking ass? (Insert a word that is more epic than the word ‘epic’ here). Also, Chuck Norris steals whatever scene he is in, in the best way possible. I can now actually forgive him for trying to make the movie a PG-13 film, which it’s not.

The action is what you’d expect of a film like this: a gore/explosion fest of the highest caliber. It does not disappoint at all. The fight choreography is top notch, especially when Jason Statham is wielding a knife. I don’t believe anyone would be going to this film for just the plot. In fact, I believe you can go into this film without watching the first one, although I think you would appreciate this film more if you did.

I only have one issue with the film, which is that a certain character departs from the film rather soon. I’ll just leave it at that to avoid spoilers. Oh yeah, apparently Randy Couture was in this film for some reason. Yeah.

The Expendables 2 gets a 5 out of 6. I came into the film expecting a fun time with action stars I love, and thankfully, I got what I paid. Let’s just hope that Steve Seagal and/or Liam Neeson shows up for The Expendables 3(and yes, the film is confirmed already).


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