Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at Gamescom 2012

Gamescon has come and gone. There were new gameplay footage and demos for upcoming games, along with new titles being announced. Among all of them, was Final Fantasy XIV making its return not as an expansion or patch, but as a brand new game due to the game’s launch being a failure. The new producer, Naoki Yoshida, has taken the role to fix FFXIV and so far, it’s shaping up great.
Naoki Yoshida has talked about the numerous changes coming to the new FFXIV, the brand new engine, recreating the entire world with zones instead of open large areas, bringing back limit breaks for parties to use to bring forth powerful attacks through one person, new classes and jobs and something never before done in a Final Fantasy game before… Jumping. (And jumping chocobos)
The presentation at Gamescon was the perfect opportunity to show off the game’s new engine in action. The graphics were stunning and easily one of the best to date for an MMO. The combat was very fluid compared to the current version where you have to wait for an animation to complete before doing another attack and the overhauled user interface design looked clean. The new user interface allows players to have up to three actions bars on their screen, which can be rearranged to your liking while having the ability to leave parts of the user interface unlocked so you can move it on the fly if needed. (PS3 version will get their own user interface), and performed with no server delay when switching equipment or messing with your inventory. You can see this in action from the video below:
Final Fantasy XIV was also supposed to be released on the PS3 but that was put on hold due to the poor launch but it’ll be happening after Final Fantasy XIV relaunches on the PC by the end of this year or January 2013. They hope to have beta testing in October and November, which current Final Fantasy XIV players will be given priority over people who sign up without being current subscribers. The biggest challenge for Final Fantasy XIV is hoping people will give the game another chance after the poor launch and proving that it is worth being a subscription based game.

One thought on “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at Gamescom 2012”

  1. I haven’t played 14 but I really enjoyed 11 when it first came out as a beta for the 360. I think there’s something of a problem with subscription games now because there are so many quality MMO’s out there that now allow you to play entirely for free.
    Free to play games like Lord of the Rings online and Runscape among others have quickly developed a loyal supportership whilst still taking revenue from pay per play items and areas or by selling season passes. Sure it’s annoying missing out on parts of the game because you don’t want to pay the extra few coins a month but it’s better than throwing 7-8 pound a month at something of a substandard quality. I think in order to be able to charge subscription a game needs to either have immense quality (and crack like addictiveness) like World of Warcraft or needs a massive name attached like Star Wars: The old Republic.
    Hopefully Final Fantasy XIV can use the talents of the amazing individuals at Square Enix to create an engaging universe which people will want to be a part of but I think it is more difficult to reach out to the gaming world as a whole from the J-RPG angle which has always been much more of a niche market.
    I love J-RPG’s and Final Fantasy has always been a firm favourite, I doubt my PC will run this and I have been eagerly awaiting the PS3 port for a long while now so thanks for the update gents.


    P.S you can jump in FFXII – 2 but its pointless.


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