Thoughts on Moonrise Kingdom (Spoiler Free)

Let me be honest for a second. The primary reason why I decided to watch Moonrise Kingdom was because Bill Murray was in it. If you didn’t know, Bill Murray is my favorite actor. I believe he is best actor today who is able to blend great dramatic acting while still being able to be comedic. Of course, he did not disappoint in this film. However, I went into this movie not knowing what to expect, except for one thing. Since it was a Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom will have that Wes Anderson feel to it, meaning that it will have peculiar cinematography and a mature yet quirky vibe.

This movie reminded me a lot of “Where the Wild Things Are” (the film). Where the Wild Things Are was less of a children’s movie but more of a movie about children. Particularly, this movie focuses on the adventurous side of children. The movie also focuses on the innocence that is found between the boy and a girl.

Everyone gave an outstanding performance in the film. Bill Murray, despite not receiving much screen time, was great. However, (this is nothing against this film) I was sadden to be reminded of his age. The trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson did not help at all, which was played before the film, in which Bill Murray portrays President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jason Schwartzman, another Anderson regular, helped lighten the mood of the film. The two main characters, portrayed by Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, did a spectacular job portraying two outcasts in love on the run. Bruce Willis’s performance stole the show, in my opinion. Being only familiar with his more action-orientated movie, he gave an outstanding dramatic performance in Moonrise Kingdom.

I give this movie a 5 out of 6 (Great). I enjoyed being surprised by films; Moonrise Kingdom did not disappoint. Great performances, a great soundtrack, and splendid dialogue made this a movie I will absolutely pick up when it’s out on DVD/Blu-ray. Be warned that this movie is not a comedy or a drama, but more of a narrative on the innocence of outcast children.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Moonrise Kingdom (Spoiler Free)”

  1. I normally not in love with Wes Anderson movies, but I’m really intrigued by Moonrise Kingdom. I think because it seems like it’s more relatable than most of his other films. And hearing that Bruce Willis was able to pull of something other than a gravelly-voiced man’s man makes me all the more interested. Thanks for not spoiling it for me!


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